The coordination problem between civil society, companies and governments across national borders: leaving some with the short-term benefits of the international distribution and others with bearing the brunt of the immediate costs—ultimately sustaining a business model of consistently outpacing the earth’s regenerative capacity and supporting undignified treatment of fellow human beings.
New research by Mistra Future Fashion and the SocioLog.dx focusing on practical change efforts that will influence the institutional environment for sustainable fashion is Changing markets and business models: Towards sustainable innovation in the fashion industry.
By dedicating a space to my work, I create clear boundaries between work and home life. When I am in my office, I do not think about home. When I am in my home, I do not think about my office.

A little insight for the Monday work week. See what Fast Company has to say about the challenges of working from home through the insights of five professionals who are making it happen.

Just because a person spends her time making a piece of something does not mean that she becomes that, a piece of something.
 Leslie T. Chang | TED Talks